Dance Floor Rentals

If you're looking to throw amazing, unforgettable party, you've come to the right place. Just Light That is world famous for our dance floor rentals! It seems like everybody else is just used to partying on boring old, drab floors with no life to them, but not us! We enjoy in providing our guests with a complete experience, and that's what our dance floors do: They light up the party and take it to the next level. Our revolutionary, interactive, LED dance floors have graced the grounds at some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, a place world-reknowned for its nightclubs such as Rain at the Palms. Our dancefloors even managed to spice up Playboy's recent exclusive party themed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the ultra-luxurious Palms Skyvilla. Combined with music, a good DJ and good friends, these lovely dance floors make each moment perfect, creating a truly memorable experience. Just think of how much fun you could have doing the "Electric Slide" with your friends and family, using the Lightspace system.

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Dance Floor Rentals Las Vegas

Do you want to throw an event that is sure to impress? Then you should consider Just Light That's premier interactive LED dance floors known as Lightspace! These dance floors are world renowned for their amazing properties and applications. Why, you ask? Lightspace dance floor rentals are pressure-sensitive light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which change colors when you step on them. These effects can be programmed to produce any variety of shapes and colors. They are best used as dance floors due to their pressure-sensitive nature. And don't worry, Lightspace systems are extremely robust and are built take on a whole dance floor of partying adults day-in, day-out 365 days a year! Other advantages of LED technology includes low power usage, long lifetime, small size, fast switching, durability and reliability.

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Interactive Dance Floor

Ever go to a nightclub, or maybe a line-dancing bar, and look at the ground? What do you see? Nothing! That's right, nothing! Imagine with me for a second, this revolutionary idea: How about a dance floor you can actually interact with? How about a dance floor with glowing pressure-sensitive LEDs that change colors when you step on them? Well, imagine no longer because of Just Light That's trademarked Lightspace interactive dance floor technology allows you to just that, and more!

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LED Dance Floor

Do you like to dance? Because if you do, Just Light That presents our very own revolutionary, innovative new LED dance floors to the partying masses! These dance floors are sure to blow your mind! Our LED lights are truly a visual treat that will stimulate your senses! Our dance floors are perfect for any nightclub setting. Your guests will be amazed at the infinite possibilities of experience these dance floors can create. For instance, you can synchronize the LED lights of our dance floors with the beat of the music! How cool is that? What kind of musical genre do you and your guests enjoy? Is it house or techno? Country? Hip-Hop? The Blues? No matter what happens, Lightspace LED dance floors will never miss a beat!

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Lighted Dance Floors

You haven't partied until you've partied on Just Light That's world-famous lighted dance floors! These classy dance floors are perfect for anything from snazzy New Year's Eve champagne parties to family parties, where everybody is dancing to that perennial favorite the "Electric Slide"! Or how about a disco party with a disco ball and a DJ spinning classy funk records? Or a wedding reception surrounded by your closest friends and family? The applications of Just Light That's Lightspace technology are limited only by your imagination!

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Revolutionary LED Dance Floor

Just Light That is the premiere resource for interactive LED dance floors and walls.

Just Light That is the premiere rental & sales agency (based in Las Vegas) specializing in interactive LED dance floors, interactive video walls, and lighted dance floor rentals. Our pressure sensitive LED tiles offer a unique interactive experience that is sure to be the focal point of any special event. Colorful effects respond to every footstep (even with a dance floor full of people) and our custom software provides a library of options for colorful background animations and beat synced effects. Customizable effects include logos and low resolution images, custom scrolling text, color control and motion manipulation, resizing effects, and it is also possible to brand the dance floor with high resolution static images using our specialty printing options. Every Las Vegas dance floor rental with Just Light That includes delivery, complete installation, programming, operation during the event, and strike after the event.

Standard rental size:
16 by 16 (includes 8 ramps around the perimeter)
Rental price:
$7,500 per event (all inclusive price in Las Vegas)
Shipping/travel fees for CA & AZ:
Additional $1,500 (call for shipping rates to other locations)
Installation time:
approximately 5 hours
Dance floor height:
2.5 inches
Power requirements:
20 amp outlet (regular wall outlet)
Largest size available:
24 by 32
Our interactive dance floors must be installed on a flat surface. There are additional fees required for the mounting of the interactive wall application. Please call for more information including custom sizes and custom applications.

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