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Revolutionary LED Dance Floor

Lighted Dance Floors

You haven't partied until you've partied on Just Light That's world-famous lighted dance floors! These classy dance floors are perfect for anything from snazzy New Year's Eve champagne parties to family parties, where everybody is dancing to that perennial favorite the "Electric Slide"! Or how about a disco party with a disco ball and a DJ spinning classy funk records? Or a wedding reception surrounded by your closest friends and family? The applications of Just Light That's Lightspace technology are limited only by your imagination!

The technology is truly innovative and ahead of the curve. Have you ever seen anything like these lights? Have you experienced audiovisual treat of Lightspace? Our trademarked Lightspace technology consists of LEDs that are pressure-sensitive, so that actually stepping on the tiles causes colorful effects to respond. These effects are even active and responsive to a whole dance floor of dancing people! Imagine the visual ambiance created by these pressure-sensitive dance floors! Imagine how much more fun dancing will be! Our LED technology is cutting-edge and truly innovative. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are perfect for these type of effects for many reasons: lower energy use, narrow bandwidth, extended lifetimes, robustness, smaller actual size, faster switching, better reliability and durability. You will find that having robust and versatile technology such as Lightspace will be a life saver.

The result is a lighted dance floor that is completely customizable to your event's individual specifications. Don't how to program LED-based dance floors? Don't worry, installation and programming is included with the rental fee. Our experts are very familiar with these systems, and will work closely with the coordinator to ensure that units are operating properly and effectively.

Just Light That also wants you to realize that our lighted floors are not made solely made for dancing. You can play fun games on them too! Did you think we would forget about the kids? Of course not! Our lighted dance floors can be modified and converted to play games, and are limited only by your imagination. The system already comes with really fun games for the kids including, but not limited to: Bug Invasion, Memory Buster, Music Maker, Tennsi Pro, and Dodgeball. What games can you think of?

And finally, Just Light That's lighted dance floors can even be converted into walls. Have a message you'd like to be broadcast during your event? Lightspace is easily convertible into a lighted wall! These walls have all the same characterstics as the dance floors, except now they are even more of a visual experience! You can also sync the LEDs with the musical beat and combine them with a holographic light show for a complete visual extravaganza!

Our lighted dance floors are truly innovative and can be found nowhere else besides Just Light That. We can almost guarantee you that your guests will have seen nothing like what we offer! Make your event a truly memorable one, and include Just Light That's lighted dance floors as part of your event or service offering!

Standard rental size:
16 by 16 (includes 8 ramps around the perimeter)
Rental price:
$7,500 per event (all inclusive price in Las Vegas)
Shipping/travel fees for CA & AZ:
Additional $1,500 (call for shipping rates to other locations)
Installation time:
approximately 5 hours
Dance floor height:
2.5 inches
Power requirements:
20 amp outlet (regular wall outlet)
Largest size available:
24 by 32
Our interactive dance floors must be installed on a flat surface. There are additional fees required for the mounting of the interactive wall application. Please call for more information including custom sizes and custom applications.

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