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Revolutionary LED Dance Floor

Dance Floor Rentals

If you're looking to throw amazing, unforgettable party, you've come to the right place. Just Light That is world famous for our dance floor rentals! It seems like everybody else is just used to partying on boring old, drab floors with no life to them, but not us! We enjoy in providing our guests with a complete experience, and that's what our dance floors do: They light up the party and take it to the next level. Our revolutionary, interactive, LED dance floors have graced the grounds at some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, a place world-reknowned for its nightclubs such as Rain at the Palms. Our dance floors even managed to spice up Playboy's recent exclusive party themed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the ultra-luxurious Palms Skyvilla. Combined with music, a good DJ and good friends, these lovely dance floors make each moment perfect, creating a truly memorable experience. Just think of how much fun you could have doing the "Electric Slide" with your friends and family, using the Lightspace system.

If you haven't experienced Lightspace, your eyes are in for a real visual treat! Our dance floors have a well-established track record at amazing party-goers all over the country. These programmable dance floor rentals are able to be configured into infinite combinations of colors, shapes, words and images. Combine this with superb audio-visuals and it can be saefely said that these dance floors complete any party event! Everybody throws events and parties with a DJ, full audio-visual and sound, but who ever parties on lighted dance floors? Pretty much nobody. Except for Just Light That and our friends that is!

And our dance floors are fun for all ages. The interactive dance floor easily converts into Lightspace Play so that the kids can join in on all the fun! Lightspace Play is easily programmed so that a variety of games are available, making it perfect for events such as kids' birthday parties (so they can burn off that extra energy from all those sweets)! Most kids' games these days are not social, and even when they are, everybody is stuck paying attention to a screen instead of one enough. That's not social! Lightspace Play dance floor rentals encourage healthy social interaction, as well as much-needed physical exercise.

We also do corporate events as well. Just Light that has a healthy corporate client party roster. We have done the galas and extravaganzas for such high-profile clients such as Disney, Technicolor, HBO, Motorola, Universal, Warner Brothers, IBM and Nickelodeon, just to name a few.

And finally, the Lightspace LED dance floor can changed into an interactive LED video wall, allowing unparalleled displaying options for messages, sponsors, recognition awards. Some of our clients in this respect included the Bellagio Las Vegas, Budweiser, and Nintendo (that was a perfect fit). The interactive nature of the LED lights also allow for layering and integrating with any video signal, including a live feed. Our interactive LED video walls make for the ultimate visual experience.

Standard rental size:
16 by 16 (includes 8 ramps around the perimeter)
Rental price:
$7,500 per event (all inclusive price in Las Vegas)
Shipping/travel fees for CA & AZ:
Additional $1,500 (call for shipping rates to other locations)
Installation time:
approximately 5 hours
Dance floor height:
2.5 inches
Power requirements:
20 amp outlet (regular wall outlet)
Largest size available:
24 by 32
Our dance floor rentals are tough and sturdy, but must be installed on a flat surface. There are additional fees required for the mounting of the interactive wall application. Please call for more information including custom sizes and custom applications.

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