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Revolutionary LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floors

Do you like to dance? Because if you do, Just Light That presents our very own revolutionary, innovative new LED dance floors to the partying masses! These dance floors are sure to blow your mind!

Our LED lights are truly a visual treat that will stimulate your senses! Our dance floors are perfect for any nightclub setting. Your guests will be amazed at the infinite possibilities of experience these dance floors can create. For instance, you can synchronize the LED lights of our dance floors with the beat of the mu

sic! How cool is that? What kind of musical genre do you and your guests enjoy? Is it house or techno? Country? Hip-Hop? The Blues? No matter what happens, Lightspace LED dance floors will never miss a beat!

Imagine partying like a rockstar with your friends, the DJ playing your favorite song, dancing on a beautifully synchronized LED dance floor, having the time of your life! It's only possible with Just Light That. We are the premier source of interactive LED dance floors and interactive walls in the country! And we really know how to engineer parties the right way, making sure every event is truly a memorable one. Our top-of-the-line digital technology ensures a fully interactive experience that is totally customizable to your individual needs! Lightspace is light years ahead of the competition!

And our dance floors don't just end at the walls! Using our technical expertise, dance floors can merge with interactive video walls, creating more of a three-dimensional visual experience. What do you want your guests to see? Perhaps you have an employee or a manager that you want to be recognized. What better way to let that person know you care than putting their name on a screen for everybody so everybody can recognize the star of the party! Or how about gently shifting colors that add to a modern, almost techy ambiance to your event? Perfect for highly-controlled corporate events with a modern spin. You can use the colors on the screen to create whatever effect you desire. How about a romantic setting, a wedding for instance? Or a social setting such as a party. Or a business setting such as a conference. As you can imagine, our LED dance floors have many, many other useful applications than just a dance floor. You are only limited by your imagination!

You can also play fun games on our interactive LED dance floors including, but not limited to: Bug Invasion, Memory Buster, Music Maker (everybody's favorite), Tennis Pro, and Dodgeball (for bigger kids) using Lightspace Play. What's great about these games is that they are interactive and encourage physical exercise, something today's kids definitely could use more of. You can even make up your own games! How cool is that?

As you can see, our LED dance floors are so customizable, that there is no reason why you can't have any fun event you want to! And best of all our dance floors are great for all ages!

Standard rental size:
16 by 16 (includes 8 ramps around the perimeter)
Rental price:
$7,500 per event (all inclusive price in Las Vegas)
Shipping/travel fees for CA & AZ:
Additional $1,500 (call for shipping rates to other locations)
Installation time:
approximately 5 hours
Dance floor height:
2.5 inches
Power requirements:
20 amp outlet (regular wall outlet)
Largest size available:
24 by 32
Our LED dance floors must be installed on a flat surface. There are additional fees required for the mounting of the interactive wall application. Please call for more information including custom sizes and custom applications.

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