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Lightspace™ Play Interactive Video Wall

Just Light That has a revolutionary LED entertainment system that combines the latest lighting and interactive technologies to produce a recreational experience that will provide hours of fun for children and adults of all ages. The system, Lightspace™ Play, is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of LED games and interactive LED programs that can be used by any number of participants simultaneously. Lightspace™ Play creates an engaging experience that will draw young children, teenagers and adults alike. Lightspace™ Play provides significant return on investment by generating the repeat-customer business so critical for family entertainment center growth and profitability.

Lightspace™ Play includes an interactive floor surface comprised of 16”x16” programmable LED lit and pressure sensitive tiles constructed to fit a 10 foot square space. Each tile consists of sixteen 4” x” 4” pixels that can display any color, pattern or image. The surface is able to detect location, movement and density of players to give a realistic gaming experience. Reactions to player movements are displayed on the surface and are accompanied by sound effects.

The Lightspace™ Play software is housed in a durable kiosk station that is located next to the platform. Kiosks can be formatted to collect different forms of payment (i.e. coins, tokens, bills, credit or magnetic token cards) and to distribute coupons if Lightspace™ Play is used as a redemption game. The Play software not only stores and runs a vast array of games, but also provides a simple touch screen interface for players to choose and pay for the games they wish to play. New games can be downloaded quickly and easily to the system enabling entertainment center managers to keep their Play system up to date and its appeal fresh without the need to purchase new hardware.

Advantages of Interactive Gaming

Adaptable to any age group.
Players and parents can choose the games that are most interesting and appropriate. Game types range from simple to difficult, educational to competitive, and can involve one or multiple players. Entertainment Centers that cater to adult functions can transform their Lightspace™ Play surface into a state of the art interactive dance floor, which can display different effects synchronized to music and react to dancers movements.

Ideal for birthday parties.
Over the last several years, birthday parties and similar group events have become one of the largest sources of revenue for entertainment centers (2003 Annual FEC Industry Report). Lightspace™ Play provides an activity that all party guests can do together. Groups of friends can compete against or cooperate with one another in a wide variety of games.

Promotes healthy social interaction among children.
Most video games offer a solo experience. Even multi-player games usually require players to concentrate on the screen in front of them instead of the people with whom they are playing. Lightspace™ Play activities are conducted on the surface and require players to coordinate their movements. The nature of the experience fosters communication between children.

Integrates physical activity and electronic entertainment.
The media has drawn a great deal of attention to the dangers associated with the increasing rate of obesity in America, especially among children. In contrast, physically interactive video games have made headlines recently as a popular and effective form of exercise. The combination of physical movement and the compelling nature of video games have led many formerly sedentary people to spend several hours a week engaging in aerobic activity and enjoying it. Lightspace™ Play provides not only a multifaceted source of entertainment, but also a fun way to keep fit.

Fits in with recent trends in consumer interest in video games.
The popularity of violent video games is giving way to interactive, more physically challenging games such as paintball and laser tag (Amusement Business Magazine, 9/16/2002). Many entertainment centers do not have sufficient space to install paintball or laser tag facilities. Lightspace™ Play provides a way to reap the benefits of this trend toward interactive games without having to invest in new real estate.

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