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Best Dance Floor Rentals

Dancing has always been an art form that associated itself a bit with the taboo. Why is that? The body movements of certain dance techniques and styles have a unique and sometimes blatant connotation with lust and desire making it an art form that is like no other. A dance between a man and woman forms a connection and communication that goes beyond just visual and auditory sensations of sight and hearing. In a sense, dance unites all your senses and joins them together to create the energy of movement. While some people believe that some are naturally born to be musicians and artists, to master the art of dancing, it simply takes practice and this is why the art of dance is also the only art that helps to unify us through physical and even the metaphysical connections of feeling and knowing each others emotions without opening our mouths to speak.

The dance floor is almost like holy ground. People congregate there to release the fetters of their spirit to get in touch with their soul. As time moves onward into the future of the unification of technology ad the "human" experience, dance takes a new form. We can hear it in the music of 2011, the electronica, the machine made "noise" that has now become the music or the new generation. Companies, like Just Light That, even provide party planners and special event production teams with access to the best dance floor rentals, like an electronically powered interactive dance floor that lights up and reacts to the movements of your feet. It is safe to say that we are experiencing the evolution of not only the arts, but as life as we know it.

It is called the Trans-Human agenda, and some people are afraid of it. They believe this is an unnatural form of evolution and that we are tampering with powers that should not be tampered with. However, there are positives to combining computer and electronic technology with humans. It can help to give doctors and scientists the ability to save lives and us the accessibility to communicate to anyone in the world. These advances in technology have its benefits in assisting mankind. When it comes to musical art, the presence of computers has created new genres of music that are unique and are sometimes unable to fit into specific categories. The art of dance when combined with electronic devices like electronic finger light shows and interactive dance floor rentals enhances the visual stimulation of dance moves. Like seeing the world through the eyes of a fly, the world moves in a slow motion state because a fly's eye is so perceptive, it can capture movement much more quickly. When lights are introduced into the art of dance, we can see a tracing or trailing effect of how the movements of our bodies look like to a more highly advanced or evolved visual perception.

Standard rental size:
16 by 16 (includes 8 ramps around the perimeter)
Rental price:
$7,500 per event (all inclusive price in Las Vegas)
Shipping/travel fees for CA & AZ:
Additional $1,500 (call for shipping rates to other locations)
Installation time:
approximately 5 hours
Dance floor height:
2.5 inches
Power requirements:
20 amp outlet (regular wall outlet)
Largest size available:
24 by 32
Our LED dance floors must be installed on a flat surface. There are additional fees required for the mounting of the interactive wall application. Please call for more information including custom sizes and custom applications.

best dance floor rentals
best dance floor rentals
best dance floor rentals
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